04 April 2010

happy easters

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter today, with a promise to be back soon. It's been mass chaos up in here, with us buying a home, getting ready for our trip to Spain at the end of the month, and making pieces for the Etsy Dallas Spring Bash.

In the spirit of the day, some bun spam:
One of our babies, Fiver Ears McBigglesby, chowing down.

Our other babies, Ruby & Ethel, doing what they do best (maxin' & relaxin').

Haute Hardware leaping bunny necklace

Bunny pancakes I made this morning.

Last but not least, in loving, loving memory of our sweet Zoe:
 We miss you so much, sweet girl.

Just a quick reminder today that although rabbits are an awesome symbol of Easter, and in my opinion the greatest pets in the whole wide world, they're not a suitable Easter "present" for young kids.  Rod and I volunteer at the North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary, and shortly after Easter, rabbit rescues like NTRS & humane societies are inundated with rabbits, Easter gifts whose "owners" no longer want them. And these are the ones who aren't just abandoned outside.  So without getting too preachy, just remember to make your bunny a chocolate one this Easter, or a stuffed animal, or a Peep, or a bunny-shaped pancake, or a pretty necklace...  And if you decide a rabbit IS the pet for you, just make sure to do your research first, and adopt vs going to a pet store.  Fiver, Ruby, Ethel, Rod and I will thank you!

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Allie said...

I loooove the bunny pancakes!